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The Essentials of Finance for Entrepreneurs

If you're an entrepreneur or company owner, your face tremendous challenges in starting and running a business. Amid all the pressures, it can be easy to overlook just how important "the numbers" are to a growing company. Do you know your burn rate? Do you understand that you can be making a profit and still run out of cash? What financial information will your investors want to see—and why?

In this essential guide, Karen Berman and Joe Knight customize the approaches and insights from their acclaimed book Financial Intelligence specifically for entrepreneurs. The authors not only demystify common financial terms and tools, they also show how you can use this knowledge to gauge your company's performance and make better decisions. You will:

  • Understand what your income statement and balance sheet are telling you
  • Know how to measure, manage and optimize your cash flow
  • Know how methods of calculating inventory, depreciation, and other metrics can affect your bottom line
  • Use ratios to understand your company's financial strengths and opportunites for improvement

This practical guide will help you achieve the financial know-how you need to assess the health and potential of your company, identify and steer around common financial pitfalls, and improve your business's overall performance.

“I cannot recommend this book highly enough—for executives, professors, students, and for entrepreneurs who are already successful but still gun-shy when it comes to ‘the numbers.’ The content is the best I’ve ever seen on the subject anywhere, and the writing is both clear and compelling. It’s a joy to read (and reread).”

—George Gendron, former editor-in-chief, Inc. Magazine

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